Aquatic Furniture

For indoor and outdoor locations
The perfect place to get together and enjoy water, wherever you are.

A premium product

Respect for the highest quality materials
The Ur’bain Aqua lounge, elevated by stainless steel, exotic wood and glass.

Made for you

For your style, exactly as you want it
More than 122 finishes and a fully custom, modular design. The only limit is your own creativity.

Patented and Award-Winning

The perfect solution for hard-to-reach locations
Clean and simple on-site assembly with no need for welding. This product will even fit through your door.

The hottest new
thing on the pool and hot tub market

The most technically advanced, flexibility and quality models on the market.

Finally, what you make in a swimming pool?

The perfect blend of a customizable contemporary furniture, a mini-swimming pool in stainless steel and a high-end Spa.


  •  Private customer?
  • Make your property shine with our Allure and Aqualounge product ranges.


  • Professional?
  • Bring genuine added value to your suites, chalets, cottages or guest houses with our Allure and Aqualounge product ranges. Your clients will love it!


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Health and Wellness
Sport, relaxation and meditation in your own home.