[EN]Why choose one of our aqua lounges?

Using advanced techniques for a beautiful product

Our aqua lounges are the result of a long development phase, during which we insisted that technical constraints must not impact the beauty and compact scale of our products. Quite the opposite!


The aqua lounge access ladder

A patented design and the jewel in our brand’s crown: this is a marvel of technical and visual design:

  • inspired by nautical engineering,
  • filtered water is pumped in and out through the side rails,
  • a skimmer, integrated into the inflow rail, enables the water line to be kept clean,
  • this skimmer can be dismantled and replaced, if desired, by a suction point for improved basin cleaning (a plug integrated into the stainless steel bench is used for day-to-day cleaning of the base of the tub).

The technical unit

Keeping in mind that these are high-end models and designed for maximum elegance, the physical and chemical water treatment systems are fully integrated into the space beneath the bench. This maintains the aura of the aqua lounge without sacrificing top quality water treatment.

The sleek lines of our models are in no way encumbered by ugly technical features.


Physical and chemical water treatment

Say goodbye to red eyes and that chlorine smell!

With an Ultraviolet reactor which systematically disinfects the majority of your water, you can reduce your use of chemicals by almost 80%.

For public establishments, ozone or chlorine is used in addition to this UV-C treatment in order to provide the “disinfectant water” as described by the Public Health Code.

For this, too, the use of a UV-C reactor is highly beneficial. When chlorinated water is exposed to UV-C radiation, many of the chloramines that cause the distinctive chorine odour and irritation are dissolved.

GENUINE filtration

Unlike hot tubs filtered using paper cartridges which require intensive maintenance and regular replacement, our aqua lounges are fitted with a real filtration system. This includes:

  • a clogging indicator and next-generation filter substances,
  • recycled glass sand, as environmentally friendly as it is effective, to replace normal sand. It enables 4 to 5 times better filtration, combining all the benefits of sand and zeolite with none of the disadvantages,
  • a six-channel sluice gate facilitates maintenance, backwashing and pool draining.

The maintenance and cleaning time is reduced by 65%, compared to a normal acrylic hot tub.


Accessibility and Safety

  • Our aqua lounges’ ladders are fitted with retractable steps, a design feature included to ensure that your children remain safe. In this way, using an ingenious process that enables the bottom rung to pivot away, you can block access to your aqua lounge and even lock it, preventing any accidental or unsupervised use.
  • Thanks to the wide rungs made from exotic wood, even wet feet are guaranteed full stability and a perfect grip.
  • The retractable ladder’s angle can be adjusted with one hand (left hand while entering the tub). This makes access to the aqua lounge considerably easier, especially for the elderly or people with reduced mobility.

And last but not least…

Ur’bain is a proud supporter of both French manufacture and the environment:

  • Our products are 100% designed and made in France, for ethics that are in line with the quality of our products.
  • We use 100% recyclable products.
  • Our aqua lounges are environmentally responsible: thanks to their compact size, our models’ energy consumption is kept to a minimum.

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