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A case of health and well-being



Aquabiking from now on possible at home:


Real rejuvenation treatment for the heavy legs, the aquabiking seduces an increasing number of amateurs of fitness, conquered by the quickly noticed positive effects.

Maintain your body in your aqua lounge, to welcome equipments of fitness thanks to its flat bottom, and to the robustness of the tank.


The meditation by flotation,

Combination of two essential minerals in the body: the sulfur and the magnesium, the Epsom salt, or the sulfate of magnesium, is used for several centuries to relieve the muscle and articular pains and limit(ease) the cutaneous problems.

Float on a solution of water saturated in salt of magnesium reduced the gravity of 80 %, so freeing(releasing) our mental resources for other activities.

All the benefactions of the Epsom salt,

  • Remineralizing,
  • Relaxant,
  • Detoxifying,
  • Healing product,
  • Relieve the pains and calms the inflammations
  • Decrease the risks of cardiovascular disease
  • Decrease the risks and the effects of the diabetes
  • Help the regulation of the nervous system
  • Improve the concentration
  • Prepare for the sleep