[EN]An homage to the highest quality materials

The soul of a high-quality material

Stainless steel. Lots and lots of stainless steel…

The basin and the ladder on all of our aqua lounges, and the bar on the Aqualounge range, are all fully made from 316L Stainless Steel.

We’ve spent a long time in research and development to bring you a visually stunning product with all the best properties of this exceptional material, and an unparalleled tactile and sensory experience.

This material boasts a number of enormous advantages. Here are just a few:

  • Stainless steel is strong and sturdy! There is no risk of damaging the basin by dropping objects or using accessories inside the tub. 316L is the commercial name for the hardiest and most corrosion-resistant stainless steel on the market. Provided you take care of it properly, you’ll never need to change it during the entire life of the product, unlike normal pool liners.
  • Unlike a liner, stainless steel can’t fold or bend. Wintering is made easier, and it is much simpler to remove some or all of the water.
  • There’s no limit to how hot you can have the water, unlike a liner (31°C) or membrane (37°C). With the Aqua Lounge, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy baths like the Romans did with “health from hot water”. The perfect way to kick back and relax!
  • Stainless steel helps disinfect your water. It isn’t micro-porous, and prevents the build-up of micro-organisms (algae/microbes/bacteria) on its surface. This is a huge advantage for public establishments, but also for private users- cleaning time is much faster with stainless steel.


Along one side, the models in the Aqualounge range are fitted with an extra-clear laminated safety-glass panel measuring 18mm thick.

This gives you a fantastic view of your stainless steel tub from the outside.

Glass is naturally greenish in colour. When used in thick layers, non-“float” treated glass will give the water and stainless steel tub a slight green hue. These glass panels are hardened too, considerably improving their mechanical qualities and making them much more resistant to mechanical stress and thermal shocks.


And wood…

Roble is a rare, exotic, and naturally water-resistant wood. It was the only option that could provide a high quality finish and durability for almost permanently wet wood.

The dimensional stability over time, its tolerance to extreme variations in humidity and its resistance to chemical products and UV radiation make it the ideal material for the edges and rungs of the ladder.