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Unlimited possibilities


The freestanding, raised design of our aqua lounges enables you to avoid the disruptive construction work (and all the noise, dust and dirt that comes with it) required for a normal pool. Some customers won’t even need a concrete base.

And why not raise it up a bit more?

It’s true; installation on a sloped surface is completely possible, thanks to the evenly distributed load points.

Use posts or solid supports with the right measurements and correctly installed by your mason, and there you go!

Depending on the complexity of your desired installation, professional assistance (an architect or design office) may be required in order to guarantee a high-quality result.

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Small size, big advantage

Thanks to its diminutive size, the aqua lounge has very few constraints.

It only consumes a modest amount of energy, requires very little maintenance and needs no serious administrative paperwork!

No need for a building permit or other declaration before you install it! There is also no fiscal impact on you or your property following installation.