[EN]Designed for you

A truly customised product

The guiding principle during prototype development was:

“It must be able to fit through a door”

rendu 0158 afro gris evol+patent

Our pools are modular. Thanks to the use of sections that fit together, we can:

  • give even the most committed city-dwellers in the most inaccessible locations the chance to get in the water: all you need is an 80cm wide entrance.
  • offer incredible flexibility: our models are all fully assembled on site.
  • install these models cleanly: we provide a water-tight stainless steel basin which does not require any welding once on site. This uses an innovative and patented procedure, an award-winner at the world swimming pool trade show.

5 different lengths are available in 2 different models



urbainAqualounge (with a glass panel)

But there are no limits to this concept! Maybe you and your architect thinking of a pool longer than 5.2 metres (the useable interior length of the 500 model)? No problem! We can adapt our models to suit your needs.


Custom Finishes

Our basins’ sidings are made using modular sections made from High Pressure Laminate (HPL), an idea taken from the construction industry.

Our panels are guaranteed for 10 years, according to EN ISO 4892-2 and 4892-3 standards.

These laminate panels are resistant to:

  • scratches,
  • impacts,
  • solvents,
  • weather,
  • UV radiation,
  • and temperatures ranging from -80°C to +180°C.

Come and see our catalogue of 122 different textures → here.