[EN]A new way to enjoy water

The Aqua Lounge concept by Ur’bain


Our Aqua Lounges are specially designed to:


  • give you all the satisfaction of a pool or Jacuzzi, even in small, hard to reach locations,


  • break down the barrier between the inside and outside of the pool and encourage interaction between the bathers and their environment,


  • fit right into your home, thanks to a wide range of textures and colours. These models will suit your home perfectly, no matter what style you prefer.

The Aqualounge is a place to relax, talk and have fun. Unlike its cousin, the hot tub :


  • there are no pre-moulded seats which force you into a set position: the “passive/fixed” character of the hot tub is replaced by an “active/choice” concept with the Aqualounge. The flat floor provides total freedom of movement within the pool.


  • a whole variety of applications for these water features: you can submerge furniture or even underwater fitness equipment like the aquabike- with the strong stainless steel frame, anything is possible.